Studying for Finals

Finals can be a daunting task for students of all ages across the world. According to the University of Arkansas, studying is important for academic success.

There is no shortage of places to study on campus, and there’s bound to be a place that fits everyone’s needs. The video below shows some of the most popular places to study on campus.

According to the university, the third floor of Mullins Library is a quiet floor, which means it is a perfect place to study for people who get distracted by noise. The fourth floor is a good place to go if you are studying in a group or in a pair.

Some students would rather take advantage of the warmer temperatures, as we transition into summer, and choose to hammock outside of Old Main while they study. There are rows of trees that were planted just far enough apart to hammock.

Hammocking Trees outside of Old Main

If you are struggling in a class, perhaps the best place to go would be the CORD, or the Student Success Center. They offer many useful tools including Starbucks, free tutoring, study groups, and many quiet nooks for getting some work done.

The university also offers tips for studying after you’ve found the perfect study spot.